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Tenchi cut outs


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Cartoon Networks edits on Tenchi Muyo

The Edit List
by Kyle Pope

Tenchi Muyou: Here Comes Aeka

(episode 2)
1. Ryouko's "I want your balls, please" changed to "I want your sword, please".

2. Scene of Nobuyuki videotaping through Tenchi's window cut.

3. Aeka's viewer showing Nobuyuki clutching his camcorder replaced with a second image of the Masaki house.

4. Aeka and Ryouko's exchange about sadism and masochism cut.

5. Shot of wildlife aboard the Ryuuou cut.

6. Shot of Aeka's quarters and Aeka combing her hair cut.

7. Scene of Sasami calling Ryouko an "older lady" and Ryouko's reaction cut.

8. Ryouko's "And here comes the Princess" cut.

9. Aeka's "You are lying!" to Tenchi cut.

10. Scene of Aeka pinned under Azaka cut.

11. Tenchi's "She's just a girl!" and Ryouko's "So what?" cut.

12. Scene of Aeka's initial demand that Ryouko stop their descent cut.

13. Scene of Nobuyuki commenting on the news of the bridge destruction cut.

The first time I did this, the big event was going to be the debut of the onsen (hot spring) episode. I'm disappointed to see that the edits have not been updated so far. I'd have thought the standards would have been relaxed a little given all that has happened on CN.